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Our special Buda Castle Segway Tour gives you the perfect Castle District experience, guiding you through all the historical buildings, incredible monuments and beautiful views the castle area in Buda can provide.


The two hour tour is the best and most popular of our tours, it contains downtown and uptown in one tour of two hours. It goes along the Danube on both sides of the river. With majestic views of both river banks of buda and pest it is my favorite tour so far. The first stop we make on this tour is the Elizabeth bridge, this view will start the loving tour of the city, the white bridge makes even the darkest day bright full and happy. The view from the bridge will astound you and will undoubtedly ignite a love for this city. After we cross the bridge to the pest side, we stop at the base of the gellerte hill and talk about all the attractions and beautiful sites that hill offers to the people. We continue down the river bank where the breeze of the river cools you down and you enjoy the view of the city of pest from afar and the beautiful buda side from close by. The next stop is the buda caste where its beauty and status has amazed and dumbfounded countless before me. The next stop is the chain bridge where besides that a different view of the buda castle can be seen and the ferry to the top of the castle is viewed from afar. Next in our tour is the stop at the beautiful Margaret island, the best and most beautiful island offers countless attractions throughout the days of the week and the time of the day. The second last stops of this program are the Hungarian parliament the most beautiful and the biggest tourist attraction of Budapest as a city where the view is just breathtaking. We conclude our tour with a stop at the saint Stephen basilica and offer our guests information on the square before basilica regarding on their needs. Thus our 2 hour tour is conluded and we make our way back to the office close by deak ferenc square.


1. Inner City Parish Church

2. Elisabeth Bridge

3. St. Gallert Monument

4. Buda River Side

5. Buda Castle

6. Chain Bridge

7. Margaret Island

8. Pest River Side

9. Hungarian Parliament

10. St. Stephen's Basilica


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